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How to paste wallpaper on the ceiling

by miamigardens

How to paste wallpaper on the ceiling

Before proceeding to gluing wallpaper on the ceiling, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. These works are completely cleaned by the ceiling from the previous finish and leveling its surface. In order to perform preparatory work, you will need a primer and two types of putty.  After you prepare the ceiling, and there will be no more bumps on it, you can start laying the wallpaper on the ceiling. Washes and moisture -resistant wallpapers are best for the ceiling.  For this, vinyl and non -woven wallpaper is excellent.  To date, the color scheme of the wallpaper is very large, but the wallpaper for the ceiling should be selected, given the size and purpose of the room.  If the room is not very large, then it is best to paste the ceiling in it with light wallpaper, since the room will visually increase with their help. By the way, during the repair, you need to occupy your children with something, now new Simba toys have appeared that will help your child not be bored.

As for the choice of wallpaper glue, everything is very simple here, select the glue that corresponds to the selected wallpaper, or use the universal glue. The next step is to apply glue to wallpaper and ceiling, to do this best with a brush or roller. Next, you can glue the ceiling with wallpaper.  The most important thing in this case is to ensure that the very first strip of wallpaper is necessarily pasted evenly, otherwise the entire ceiling will eventually be uneven and oblique.

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