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A single -toned phenol is a white crystalline product with a melting temperature of 40.2 ° and boiling 181 -182 ° and a specific weight of 1.065, with a specific sweet smell, poisonous (acceptable concentration in the air of not more than 0.005 mgl), gigroscopic, soluble in alcohol and oil and other organic solvents. Technical requirements for crystalline phenol are determined by East 3296.

Phenol is a relatively expensive and scarce product, since in large quantities it is used as raw materials for a number of very important products, including for the production of paints, medicines, explosives and many plastics (phenoplasts, nylon, nylon, etc. P.), in connection with which it is widely used as raw materials for binders, obviously, there will be no place.

Creesols are called single -tank phenols containing one methyl group SN3 and having the formula C6N4, it is SN3. Depending on the position of the SN3 group in the gasoline nucleus, orthocrazole, parakraisol and metakreisol are distinguished. A mixture of three forms of prezols is called tricozole. Tricozole boiling temperature 187-203 °.

The chillenol is called a mixture of single -tower phenols, which contains the mestial groups. There are six chiloenol isomers depending on the location of the SN3 groups in the gasoline core. A mixture of six isomers is a dark brown liquid with a specific weight of 1.035- 1.070 and a strong unpleasant odor.


The boiling temperature of the chillers from 211 to 225 °; When the chiloenols and some of their derivatives are included in the mixture of isomers, the maximum boiling point will increase to 240 °.

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