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It is better to fray than get scared!

by miamigardens

What surprises does nature present us? Than the masses of snow on the roofs of houses are dangerous? How can you warn possible difficulties?

Weather, year after year gives us surprises. In the summer, we are tormented by terrible heat, from which even the southern migrant workers are frowning, and in winter the ice alternates with the base snow drifts. All this greatly presses us on the nervous system, and in some cases – and pares a threat to health. Moreover, not postponed for several years, but direct – today and now.

Everything is clear with the ice – this season the number of injuries from injuries received during the fall indicated the fall of the record of many years ago. But if someone thinks that once the snow that fell out will no longer bring troubles, then he is very mistaken.

Because if there is no large -scale cleaning of the roof from snow on time, then this snow mass, and in some places – along with icicles, threatens during the fall, at least seriously damage the cars standing at the entrances, and at the maximum – injure A certain number of people. And given the height of other houses, it may come to deaths.


Of course, we can hope that "maybe it will carry". Jokes jokes, and someone really carried some, after the snow mass fell next to them, pouring everything around with white dust! As you yourself understand, the emotions of this were far from joyful!

Therefore, of course, it is worth spending a certain amount of effort, time and money, so that such situations do not occur!

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