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Less not always worse!

by miamigardens

What has the heat of recent years led to? What technology achievement is offered to owners of large rooms? Why can a more expensive product be profitable?

Improving summer temperatures led to the fact that citizens of our country, and especially residents of apartment buildings began to massively install air conditioners. Office owners are not behind. Although what is surprised – when it’s hot – it is impossible to rest or work.

It is well known that, most often, the air conditioner consists of two blocks – external and internal. Speaking extremely simplified, then there is a compressor in the external block, which sucks the hot outer air, and the internal – so to speak, triggers already cooled into the room.

However, minus split systems is that they make noise and take up a lot of space. Accordingly, spoil the appearance of the buildings. Therefore, manufacturers suggested the following invention – multi Split system. What it is? This is when the external block is one, and the inner ones are two or even more. In other words, several interior rooms are served immediately.


Of course, most often such a system is more expensive than a separate air conditioner. And the compressor should be somewhat more powerful and the control is more difficult. But if you calculate how much it costs to put a separate air conditioner in each room, it turns out that the multisystem is more profitable. Especially if the external unit needs to be mounted at high altitude!

The conclusion from here should be very simple-if, whether it is the owner of the office or a large private building, there is a desire to create a good microclimate in several rooms at once, it makes sense to think about installing a multi-system system.

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