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Zoning in the kitchen: advantages, rules and tips

by marusia

In the last few years, studio apartments have taken first positions in the list of the most sought-after housing on the real estate market, along with one-room apartments.

And this is not surprising. This is not only a profitable purchase for a small family, but also a functional space. Due to the absence of real partitions, the room seems more spacious. At the same time, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

A single space requires a special approach to arrangement. Proper zoning will allow you to avoid many of the disadvantages inherent in this type of housing, namely: the smell of food, the clutter of the kitchen area, the noise of household appliances.


The materials for the partition can be plasterboard, glass, wooden slats, etc. The advantage of translucent partitions is that the only source of natural light – the window – is not blocked.


The partition can be stationary or sliding. Various decorative partitions look beautiful.


Such an item will give the room additional functionality. And due to its transparency, the space will not be overloaded. The disadvantage of this zoning option is the absence of barriers to odors and noise and the need for regular maintenance.

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