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DIY floor varnishing

by miamigardens

Parquet is the most popular floor covering material. To preserve the best qualities of wood, its appearance and color, the flooring from the floor must be protected with high quality.

For him, color change using conventional paint is not suitable. Usually in this case they use varnishing, because it will help maintain the natural color of the parquet, and also give it a unique look.

Starting the process of covering parquet varnish, it is important to take into account some points. First you need to choose the right varnish. The material with an acetone base in many people causes, after 2-3 weeks after application, an allergic reaction. That’s why it is better to prefer varnishes that have a water base. Apply them with several layers-somewhere 3-4 times. In addition, do not forget about stripping, that is, the parquet cycle. By the way, you can choose and purchase a parquet varnish in the online store, which is presented on the site.

So that the tree does not change the color in the future, the process of varnishing should be carried out in several stages. First of all, you need to prepare the surface of the parquet well. To do this, it is cleaned of fat spots, dirt and dust. The floor should also be dry. If mold appeared on its surface due to dampness, this can lead to a change in the color of the varnish or even cover the cracks. Similar surfaces are necessary before finishing with varnish, treated with chlorine lime. It is best applied to paint and varnish material not with a thick layer, but by several thin. Thanks to this, the tree will be much better protected from external influence. In addition, the varnish will fall more evenly and without subteces.


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