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Just about the installation of air conditioners

by miamigardens

We are already used to the fact that air conditioners are responsible for the microclimate at work and at home. Today this climatic equipment can be found everywhere, and its acquisition has become the same necessity as buying a TV or refrigerator. One way or another, but many of us simply need at least the most elementary information about how such units are established and what needs to be done so that they work for a long time and reliably.

There is no deficiency in choosing household split systems in the Russian market. Companies engaged in wholesale supply of air conditioners operate in all Russian regions. Representations of all famous world manufacturers of such climatic equipment provide uninterrupted supply of air conditioners to dealers.

But the receipt consumer, wholesale delivery of air conditioners, care about the wholesale delivery of air conditioners, and what proposals “air conditioners” are made under the sign of “air conditioners”. It is more important for an ordinary consumer to know how to install such a technique and what to do so that it does not break longer.

About installation


The standard installation of the split system takes place according to a certain technology that goes through. First, the units are installed. The internal is fixed indoors in a horizontal position using an mounting plate. The external is fixed on the wall of the house using brackets and bolts.

Installation of split systems – the operation is more complicated than the sale of air conditioners at wholesale prices. Indeed, during its implementation, you need to break through holes in the wall under the electric cable, freon pipeline, drainage system. To carry out such work, a punch with a drill diameter of 45-70 mm is used.

The installation of freon pipelines, they are either laid in special boxes or masked in the wall. For such work, a certain set of tools is required: pipeline, pipeline, roller, shabrovka, with which the pipes are processed, making bends, cleaning the edges and conducting the collapse.

After that, electric cables and drainage are installed, which are also placed in a decorative box or in a stroke. The installed split system without fail should be grounded. During the stretching of the drainage hose through the hole in the wall, experts should not allow its creases and impulses.

Another necessary step Removing air and moisture from the pipeline. For this purpose, a vacuum pump is used. If this is not done, moisture and air during the operation of the air conditioner will interact with Freon and disable the unit out of order.

At the end of the installation work, a test launch of the installation is carried out. During its work, you need to measure parameters such as

The voltage in the network,

Energy consumption of air conditioning,

refrigerant pressure,

The temperature at the output and at the entrance of the inner block.

Experts do not recommend the installation of a household split system independently without involving professional workers. Statistics suggest that the most common cause of the failure of new technology is precisely its incorrect installation.

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